Top 8 Best Security Camera Systems for Small Business

best security camera systems for small business

You've worked hard to build your company, and that's why you need one of the best security camera systems for small business to protect what you've built.

After putting in countless 16-hour-plus days building your business from the ground up, some lazy jackwagon thinks that they can come in and steal the fruits of your labor.

The sad truth is:

If you don't have one of the best security camera systems for small business working to protect your property, then that lowlife is probably right.

In that case, it's time to make your business jackwagon-proof.

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Reasons For Buying The Best Security Camera Systems For Small Business


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If you own a small business located in a quiet rural or relatively safe area, it's easy to rationalize not investing in one of the best security camera systems for small business.

After all, what's the worst that can happen, right?

Well, here's a list of benefits of investing in one of the best security camera systems for small business:

  • Protect private work areas
  • Discourage external and internal theft
  • Give customers peace of mind
  • Hear what customers are saying
  • Monitor employees
  • Increase employee productivity
  • Improve your company's legal grounding
  • Save money on security without the need for expensive security guards
  • Analyze display marketing effectiveness
  • Identify marketing opportunities

As for insurance rates:

Unfortunately, too many business owners try to cut corners by using fake or dummy cameras.

This practice makes it difficult for insurance companies to confirm the use of real equipment and continued service agreements with security monitoring firms.

For that reason, most insurance companies don't factor security cameras into the cost of their premiums.

Things To Look For In The Best Security Camera Systems For Small Business

There are a variety of things to look for when researching the best security camera systems for small business.

Since there are nearly a countless number of camera systems to choose from, understanding camera types and features will help you find the best for your business.

Mainly, there are two types of security camera systems: wired and wireless.

Wired CCTV Camera Systems

The most popular wired closed-circuit TV systems (CCTV) for businesses come in two varieties: PoE (power over ethernet) and hard-wired analog cameras.

Both types of wired CCTV cameras require wires for video transmission and power supply.

Wired PoE IP security cameras usually use Cat 5 or Cat 6 ethernet wires to communicate with your home network video recorder (NVR) or router.

In other words, you can use an ethernet cable to connect either your router or NVR for both power and data transmission.

Analog hard-wired security cameras require two cables, one for power and one coaxial cable to connect to the DVR for transmission.

Wired PoE cameras also offer much better clarity than analog-hard wired cameras, which makes them the superior choice in terms of quality.

Here are some pros and cons of a wired CCTV camera system.


  • Zero interference from nearby devices
  • Doesn't require a computer or internet connection to work
  • Works perfectly for locations with little or no Wi-Fi
  • Less expensive
  • More stable data transmission
  • Great for several zones of protection


  • Harder to install
  • Drilling holes and running wire
  • Less portable

Wireless (Wi-Fi) Camera Systems

Wireless Wi-Fi camera systems typically come in two varieties: battery and solar powered or traditional wireless cameras.

All of these cameras transmit data via a wireless signal.

Here's the difference:

With battery and solar powered cameras, your power source is either an internal battery or the sun making them completely wire-free.

However, a traditional wireless camera requires a wired power source.

Just as with wired cameras, wireless security cameras have their benefits and drawbacks when it comes to choosing the best security camera systems for small business.


  • Quick and easy to install
  • Access camera feed via smart device or computer
  • Store footage on a micro SD card or the cloud
  • Greater flexibility
  • More portable


  • Possible Wi-Fi interference from nearby devices
  • Hacking risk
  • More expensive


For most entrepreneurs, price plays a significant role when it comes to making substantial investments, especially when it comes to buying one of the best security systems for small business.

The cost of a system can fluctuate due to several factors, such as:

  • Type of camera
  • Number of cameras
  • Camera features
  • Visual quality
  • Technical support
  • Additional materials needed such as cables for example


One big concern for any system is storage. Most businesses use on-site storage that is usually located in a secure location like a safe or office.

Most wired systems use either a digital video recorder (DVR) or network video recorder (NVR) system.

An NVR system utilizes an RJ45 network connection to connect to the cameras, while DVR systems use a coax cable.

That is important:

There's always a risk that the data could be lost due to an accident such as a fire or theft.

Therefore, systems with cloud storage can offer business owners better peace of mind, especially if they combine cloud and on-site storage.

Additionally, systems with DVR or NVR boxes usually offer a USB port that allows you to connect an extra USB hard or flash drive.

With that said, if cloud support is too expensive or you just don't trust off-site storage named after a condensed mass of water vapor floating in the sky, then there's another solution:

You can connect your extra storage and backup footage to store in an off-site location of your choosing every day, week, or month.

Night Vision

Most of the best security camera systems for small business will feature night vision technology. There are not many security camera systems in general that don't offer this feature today.

However, there are a few exceptions, such as systems that offer bright LED flood lights that are motion activated.

These systems aim to deter criminals from approaching your business and server and allows your system to get a better look at the lowly slimeballs.

Audio Quality

A camera system with excellent sound quality is definitely a plus, but shouldn't be a deal breaker, especially for outdoor cameras if you want one of the best security camera systems for small business.

This feature is probably more useful for an indoor camera as you can listen to employee interactions with customers and other employees or just overhear what customers are saying about your business.

Let's face it:

Unless the criminal or criminals are stupid enough to go over their plan just outside your business, while speaking out loud their real names, addresses, and phone numbers, then outdoor audio might not be very useful for some owners.

Then again, if criminals were smarter, they probably wouldn't be in that line of work to begin with, so it's your call.

Video Quality And Resolution

There are no short cuts when it comes to this area.

If you plan to prosecute criminal activity, you probably want to make sure the video quality doesn't make people squint.

Poor video quality may save money now, but it can cost thousands in the long run. Besides that, most 720p or 1080p systems are very affordable.

You really don't need to spend money on 4K unless you absolutely have to. It's not like a jury would fail to convict your thief just because the video doesn't show a freckle clearly enough.

How We Chose The Best Security Camera Systems For Small Business

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To find the best security camera systems for small business, we scoured numerous online forums, review sites, YouTube videos, and social media pages and compiled a list of the top offerings.

Then, we selected the top picks based on different features such as portability, video quality, storage, and other attributes.

Our Top 8 Picks For The Best Security Camera Systems For Small Business

Our top picks for the best security camera systems for small business feature a wide variety of systems.

Some systems are wired while others are entirely wireless. On the other hand, some systems use wired DVR boxes while others utilize cloud storage and local microSD cards.

However, all systems are weatherproof, offer motion detection, most offer night vision, and some offer audio.

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This Reolink wired video surveillance system features four 1440p super high-definition resolution and night vision capability.

You can record real-time video images with crystal clear clarity and see up to 100 feet in darkness with powerful infrared LEDs. Also, you can add four more additional PoE cameras for a total of eight.

This system also features a convenient DIY plug and play setup for easier installation than many wired systems.

Additionally, it offers 24/7 recording with built-in 2 Terabyte HDD storage. You also have the option of installing an extra USB drive (up to 4 Terabytes).

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Receive instant real-time alerts, and this includes push notifications to your smart devices, email alerts, and the warning sound of the NVR buzzer.

You can also send recordings to an FTP cloud server, and you can customize a specific motion detection zone to focus on essential areas, thereby reducing false notifications.

Two-year limited warranty and a 30-day risk-free trial.

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The Arlo Pro system is a DIY wireless solution that features night vision technology and video resolution configurable up to 1280 by 720 pixels.

Plus, the cameras are weather resistant, allowing you to put them anywhere either outdoors or indoors.

These cameras also feature rechargeable batteries that support fast charging, and they have built-in two-way audio with a push to talk capability.

Also, the system includes a seven-day cloud storage trial that holds up to seven days worth of recordings in cloud storage. This capability allows you to either live stream or view recorded video with sound.

Alternatively, you can also elect to use a local backup USB hard drive for storage.

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This system works with automation devices such as Amazon Alexa, Fire TV, Echo Show, Samsung Smart Things, Google Assistant and more. Plus, it's IFTTT compatible.

Other features include the ability to customize alerts to detect specific zones, people, and contact emergency responders right from your smart devices' lock screen (optional service with a one-month free trial).

There's also a smart siren feature that sounds a 100 plus decibel siren that you can control remotely or configure to motion or sound.

The system comes with a limited one-year warranty and a 30-day return policy.

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The Zmodo Smart Security camera system features compatibility with Amazon Alexa for voice control. The cameras are IP65 weatherproof and work well both indoors and outdoors.

You can also always stay connected to the system using the mobile Zmodo app for iOS and Andriod or via their website. However, the system requires a DIY installation.

You get intelligent motion alerts on your mobile device when it detects movement. And improved motion detection allows you to focus the cameras on the areas you care about.

Additionally, you can play back motion videos on your smart device for the moments you missed.

These cameras also come equipped with IR night vision that includes both infrared lights, and an IR cut that allows the camera to switch to black and white night vision in the dark for better clarity.

On top of that:

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You can also adjust the sensitivity of the night vision feature to your liking.

The system includes a free one-month trial subscription to Zmodo Cloud Service, which allows you to save up to seven days of video that you can review and share at any time. It also includes cloud intelligence which works to reduce the number of false alerts.

The system can include four 720p HD cameras that transmit video wirelessly. However, it does require a wired power source.

Includes a two-year warranty with a 60-day refund policy.

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The Blink XT Security Wi-Fi HD wireless camera system is weatherproof for both outdoor and indoor use. You can start off small and expand the system up to 10 cameras.

The cameras feature a built-in motion sensor alarm and will send alerts to you on your smart device. Plus, you can record short clips to store in the cloud and stream live video.

Additionally, these cameras come with infrared night vision and temperature sensor technology.

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Cameras are battery powered, and the batteries last up to two years. The system's DIY installation is straightforward and easy to set up in minutes.

On top of that:

The system includes a mobile app for both iOS and Andriod, and you get free cloud storage with no monthly fees.

Includes a one-year warranty and 30-day money back guarantee.

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The ZOSI NVR Security Camera System features a 1080p HD-TVI DVR with a one-terabyte security grade hard drive that supports ultra-long continuous recording and backup via USB.

Also, you can set the DVR to automatically overwrite old internally stored footage or transfer those files to another USB memory stick or hard drive.

Plus, this wired system allows you to view video anywhere anytime via internet connection on your mobile device or computer. The system uses analog wires for both power and data transmission to the DVR.

The cameras feature night vision technology with a range up to 120 feet and include automatic IR cut for sharper images day or night.

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Even better:

Using the free mobile app, you can view live video and play playback recordings. You can also customize motion detection zones and alerts to notify you of any suspicious movements within a particular area.

The system comes with one DVR unit and four 1080p HD cameras that are also 1P67 weatherproof. In addition, you can extend the system to support a maximum of eight cameras.

Has a two-year quality warranty and 60-day money-back guarantee.

You also get lifetime tech support, and if the system stops working within a year, the company will send you a replacement.

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The Netatmo Presence outdoor HD camera system uses a smart floodlight that switches on at night to deter trespassers. That makes it look more like a light fixture than a camera.

The system will send alerts to your smart device and includes an app which allows you to stream live video 24/7.

In addition, it comes with free Dropbox cloud or a choice to automatically back up videos on your personal FTP server.

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You can also store footage on a local micro SD card, and it offers the highest level of protection with bank-level end-to-end encryption.

But this is the coolest part:

The Netamo Presence has a very smart motion detection feature that can distinguish between people, vehicles, and animals up to 65 feet. For rain or shine functionality, the camera's also weatherproof.

This system can include one or two wireless outdoor cameras.

Include a two-year limited warranty and a 60-day return policy.

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The Nest Cam Outdoor security camera system provides a 130-degree wide-angle view that allows you to look after your business 24/7 in 1080p, day and night.

The system works with Amazon Alexa for voice control and can send alerts to your mobile device if the camera's motion detection senses any activity.

The weatherproof camera does require a wired power source but transmits video wirelessly via Wi-Fi. To access the camera's full features, which includes cloud access, you'll need a monthly service subscription.

Cameras feature 4x Optical Zoom, HD 720p or 1080p video quality, Plug and Play, night vision, audio, and is Blue Iris compatible.

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There's also this:

This camera's night vision feature has eight infrared LEDs to illuminate the scene evenly.

The camera system is offered in packages that can include one or two outdoor cameras as well as two outdoor cameras and one indoor camera.

Each subscription gives you varying amounts of video history access.

They also offer a 30-day return policy.

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This wired Lorex system features an eight channel 45 HD DVR with eight weatherproof bullet security cameras featuring 4K quality video, audio, 1P67 rated weatherproofing, and full-color infrared night vision technology.

The night vision has a range of up to 150 feet, and the system features a single cable connection from the camera to the DVR.

Also, the SmartIR allows for better closeup recognition, and ClearNight technology improves performance in low-light environments.

The DVR contains a two-terabyte security-grade hard drive but also offers support for the Lorex Cloud app which allows you to record and live-stream video, as well as receive push notifications.

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Best of all:

Lorex Cloud is included with no monthly fees.

The system further offers dual streaming that saves bandwidth, click-and-drag digital zoom, additional USB backup option, and is backward compatible with standard analog cameras.

Another cool feature is the app's easy-to-read list of motion-triggered actions with video snapshots.

Includes an exclusive two-year warranty and a 60-day return policy.

Here Are The Best Of The Best Security Camera Systems For Small Business

Out of all eight of the systems we reviewed, we found a few that stood out a bit more than the rest. Let's start with the best completely wire-free solution.

The wireless system we recommend is the Arlo Pro system. This one beat out the Blink XT system by just a hair. The main feature that tipped the scale for the Arlo Pro was its audio capability.

However, if this feature isn't that important to you, then either system would serve you well.

For our best-of-the-best wired system, we had a lot of strong candidates that made picking the best difficult.

However, we did settle on the Lorex 4K security camera system as the best wired system.

Closeup of CCTV camera on the wall

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The Lorex's superior resolution, audio, internal storage, and free cloud storage really made this system pull away from the pack.

That said:

Budget price points for the best security camera systems for small business.

The Reolink was our best mid-tier choice, and the Zosi made up our best budget alternative.

We hope you've enjoyed reading about the best security camera systems for small business. May your enterprise stay secure and profitable.

Do you trust your business to a security system that didn't make our list? Tell us about it in the comments!


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