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The Only Scout Alarm Review You Need to Read

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If you are currently looking for a home security system, then this Scout Alarm review should be beneficial to you. Around 3.7 million households are getting burglarized every year. Aside from the trauma, you can also lose an average of $$$$ because of home invasions.

Fortunately, there are do-it-yourself alarm systems that can keep you safe. These systems can not only notify you if there is a potential break-in, but it can also scare away burglars. One of the products you should consider for this is the Scout Alarm.

It's a crowded market, and you are probably reading this Scout Alarm review because you are trying to get the best and the most affordable security system available today. If that's the case, read on.

Scout Alarm works with third-party sensors such as the First Alarm Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector, which keeps you safe from potential fires and carbon monoxide poisoning.

It can also work with Yale's smart door locks, allowing you to gain entry into your home without keys. The smart door lock can also automatically arm or disarm your Scout system.

Presenting the Scout Alarm

civil laser

Image via: unsplash

A DIY home security product, Scout Alarm allows you to install sensors and other components by yourself. Connect all parts to a central hub, and you can have everything up and running in minutes. You no longer have to pay professional installers to do all of that for you.

What's more, Scout Alarm also allows you to do away with long-term contracts. You can opt to pay only for the services you want such as alerts, professional monitoring, cloud storage, or cellular backup.

Scout Hub

Scout Hub

Image via: Unsplash

The Scout Hub is where all your sensors connect to, acting as the brains of the system. It also has a loud 105-decibel alarm that can scare off potential burglars. That is as loud as a nearby helicopter or beating a large drum.

It also accommodates a 4G LTE cellular backup, allowing your systems to stay online when the Wi-Fi Internet is down. With batteries, you can be sure that you are protected even when the power goes out. This device works with both Zigbee and Z-wave wireless protocols.

The Scout Hub measures 5.3 by 5.3 by 1.1 inches. It's sizable, but you can have it lay on its side or stand vertically, helping you fit it in according to the available space you have.

Door Panel

Door panel

Image via: Unsplash

The door panel serves as the Scout Alarm's control system. You can use it to arm or disarm your alarms. It also has a 105-decibel siren to scare off intruders. Unlike most other control systems, this one does not have a keypad. Instead, you use RFID stickers or a key fob.

This feature is very convenient. It allows you to stick an RFID sticker onto an inconspicuous object such as a lamp or photo frame. If you misplace the keyfob, you can use the hidden RFID sticker to disarm the alarm.

Access sensor

The access sensor will let you know if the doors or windows are opened unexpectedly. This wire-free sensor has batteries, allowing you to stick it on your doors or windows with no problems. It can even protect safes, liquor cabinets, and others.

Motion Sensor

Motion sensor

Image via: Unsplash

Scout's motion detector uses infrared sensors so that it can work even when the lights are low. Like everything else in the Scout system, this one comes with adhesives and does not need to be plugged in, allowing for flexible placement.

The motion sensor is designed to protect areas that access sensors or the door panel cannot protect. It has a 90-degree field of view, which allows it to detect movements that happen right in front of it.

Motion Sensor

Glass break sensor

Image via: Unsplash

The glass break sensor listens to the sound of shattering glass from somewhere as far as 15 feet. This sensor protects you if a burglar does not force your windows or doors open, but instead breaks it to gain entry.

Water sensor

The water sensor allows you to avoid the hassles of a flooded basement and water damage due to leaks.

You can put this under your sinks or in the basement, or perhaps near washing machines: anywhere where flooding might be a problem. It also has optional probes that keep the device safe from water damage as well.

Motion Sensor

In door camera

Image via: Pixabay

The Scout Indoor Camera can give you visual confirmation that can help you get worked up over false alarms. It can record footage that you can turn over to law enforcement if there is a break-in.

Third-party sensors

Scout Alarm works with third-party sensors such as the First Alarm Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector, which keeps you safe from potential fires and carbon monoxide poisoning.

It can also work with Yale's smart door locks, allowing you to gain entry into your home without keys. The smart door lock can also automatically arm or disarm your Scout system.

     Subscription plans

Scout Alarm works as a local alarm. For example, when somebody tries to break into your house, the access sensor will detect it. It sends a signal to the Scout Hub, which will sound the siren.

But you have to be home to be able to do anything. The system will also not remotely alert you if there are any potential issues like water damage.

If you want to get alerts on your smartphone and other more advanced features, you will need to pay a monthly fee. For around $8 to $10 a month, the Always On plan gives you 4G LTE cellular backup, battery backup, e-mail notifications, in-app alerts, push notifications, and SMS alerts.

Scout also has the Always On+, which throws in free cloud storage for the first camera and round-the-clock professional monitoring. This will cost you anywhere from $15 to $20. If you have a camera with your system, you can add $2 to $3 for each one to have cloud storage.

   Smart home integrations

You can use the sensors that you already own with the Scout system. Having all these integrations means that you can expand the features and functionality of the Scout Alarm to include other services.


You can have your Scout Alarm use the Nest Protect as a smoke and carbon monoxide detector. The Scout system can also arm or disarm itself using the Nest Learning Thermostat's home and away modes.

  Voice command

If you have Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant speakers, you can use these to control your Scout system using voice commands. All you need to do is to say the wake word.

  Smart bulbs

If you have Philips Hue or Lifx smart bulbs, you can connect these to your Scout Alarm as well. Connect these lights to your Scout Alarm and when something triggers the sensors, not only will your siren sound but the bulbs flash red.

  If This Then That

IFTTT helps you connect your Scout system to more than 175 smart home partners and even services that are not related to connected devices. For example, you can have the Scout Alarm send you an e-mail if the water sensor is triggered.

  Scout Alarm Review Roundup

On Ama​​zon, the Scout Alarm Home Security System gets an average rating of 4.3 stars out of 5.0. Only slightly more than 40 people have left their Scout Alarm review.

People love the easy setup. Others like the sleek and modern looks of the hub and the different sensors. Verified buyers on Amazon prefer the no-contract subscription for the added services, after getting tied down by multi-year contracts with other providers.

However, there are complaints about how you cannot get alerts if you do not get any of the monthly plans. Some reviewers also note that the Scout Alarm was prone to false alarms, while others warn interested buyers that the professional monitoring might not be as responsive or as prompt as they would like.

  Scout Alarm Review: Pricing

Pricing for the Scout Alarm will largely depend on the kit that you get and the number of sensors you buy.

A five piece kit that includes the Scout Hub, a pair of access sensors, the door panel, a motion sensor, a yard sign, and two window stickers will cost you anywhere from $275 to $325.

Meanwhile, a nine-piece kit will cost anywhere from $425 to $475. The sensors and the camera will cost you anywhere from $25 to $100.

  Scout Alarm Review: Alternatives

We want this Scout Alarm review to help you get all the information you need to make an informed decision about your home security.

To do that, we now present the alternatives to Scout that you might want to consider. How do SimpliSafe, Ring Alarm, and abode compare to Scout?

  SimpleSafe's The Knox Wireless Home Security

SimpliSafe has been providing DIY home security systems for a decade now. The premise is simple: you buy the most appropriate kit for you and then add more sensors as needed.

SimpliSafe sensors pair with the base station, which in turn connects to your Wi-Fi network. You will not need to lay down wires for the system to work.

On Amazon, SimpliSafe's The Knox Wireless Home Security System gets an average rating of 4.3 out of 5.0 stars. Pricing for this kit ranges from $270 to $400.

  How it compares to Scout

Like Scout, SimpliSafe only functions as a local alarm if you do not pay professional monitoring via the Standard plan.

For anywhere from $10 to $15 per month, you get 24/7 professional monitoring, cellular backup, and environmental monitoring. If you want to be alerted when there are potential issues, you can pay for the Interactive plan, which will cost you around $20 to $25 per month.

You also get the integrations to connected devices such as the Apple Watch, August smart locks, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa with the Interactive plan.

SimpliSafe offers more types of sensors than Scout Alarm, such as a panic button, a smoke detector, a temperature sensor, and a video doorbell. However, SimpliSafe needs to have proprietary sensors because it does not offer a lot of integrations.

  Ring Alarm 5-Piece Home Security System Kit

The Ring Alarm 5-Piece Home Security System Kit is yet another DIY home security system that you can buy. The base station is included in this kit, along with a contact sensor, a motion detector, a keypad, and a range extender. It comes with optional professional monitoring and cellular backup.

Ring, however, is more generous with what you can get for free. You no longer have to pay to access the mobile app or get alerts on your phone. However, you need to pay anywhere from $1 to $5 for the Basic plan if you want continuous video recording for one camera.

This kit gets an average rating of 4.4 stars out of 5.0 from more than 1,600 reviewers on Amazon. Verified buyers love the headache-free setup. They also love it that every component in this system works as it should; even professional monitoring is responsive.

However, there are complaints that the system doesn't include many features and functionalities. Others warn interested buyers that customer service for the product is terrible and the app needs work.

You can the buy five-piece Ring Alarm kit for anywhere from $160 to $180. Other packages with more pieces are available.

  abode Essential Starter Kit

This company gives you a wide range of sensors. For instance, it has four variants of entry sensors that have different measurements, allowing you to choose one that would fit your door or window. It has two types of glass break sensors as well.

The abode Essentials Starter Kit gets an average rating of 4.3 stars out of 5.0 on Amazon. Prices for this kit range from $150 to $175.

  How it compares to Scout Alarm

The company tends to have slightly more affordable sensors than Scout. The price difference might be minimal, but if you have a large home, you can save more with abode.

What's more, abode has similarly wallet-friendly monthly fees for professional monitoring, ranging from $15 to $20. You can get e-mail, SMS, and push notifications for free.

  Scout Alarm Review: Pros and Cons

On its own, it's easy to like the Scout Alarm. It has a solid build, and it is pretty easy to install and setup. You just put the hub near your router and then stick the sensors where you want to place them.

The hub can be plugged in, but you can also have batteries in to provide for backup power in case there's an outage in your area.

If something goes wrong with your internet, you can still rely on the 4G LTE cellular backup. The company also provides an assortment of sensors that can help protect you from both unauthorized entry and environmental hazards. Plus the system plays well with others.

  What can be improved

security camera

Image via Unsplash

One of the main turn-offs we've found in our Scout Alarm review is that it only works as a local alarm and you cannot get alerts on your app unless you pay the monthly fee. You need to pay to get alerts and notifications, as well as professional monitoring and cloud recording.

As such, Scout is not the most affordable home security system out there. It's definitely not for those who want to skip on the monthly fees.

Further, its sensors are more expensive than those sold by SimpliSafe or Ring. It also does not offer the variety of other sensors being provided by SimpliSafe.

  Scout Alarm Review: It's Happy with Second Place

For this Scout Alarm review, we wanted to use superlatives in describing the security system. However, that is not the case here. Scout does not have the most extensive assortment of sensors and devices available, that distinction would go to SimpliSafe

Further, abode beats Scout when it comes to affordable professional monitoring and cellular backup. They offer these optional services at a cheaper monthly rate. They even give you free cloud recording. Lastly, abode also trumps Scout in the range of integrations that it offers.

  Should you get the Scout Alarm?

The Scout system is perfect for those who want to protect their home from environmental threats and thieves with a local alarm. It's good at what it does without the bells and whistles.

You can always pay to get alerts and notifications, but why would you if you have options such as Ring Alarm and abode that offer this feature for free?

Do you have a favorite among the home security systems mentioned in this Scout Alarm review? Tell us why in the comments.

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Fortress Security Review

Fortress Security compatible to WiFi

Nothing is more important than keeping your family safe at home. For many people, that means installing a high-tech home security system from a company such as Fortress Security Store. But you need to do your homework, and in this Fortress Security review, we’ll give you a rundown of what the company offers and how it compares to other systems on the market.

Home security represents a growing market. Markets and Markets, a research firm based in India, estimated last year that sales of home security systems across the globe would grow from about $41 billion in 2017 to $75 billion in 2023.

The analyst firm and other observers attribute the growth to rapid developments in technology, and particularly the push toward the Internet of Things capability. Growth rates are fastest in the Asia Pacific region.

Fortress Security was founded in 2005 and provides equipment for use by homeowners and businesses. The company’s systems provide security control using Wi-Fi as well as landlines.

By the time we’re done with this Fortress Security review, we believe you’ll know if these systems are for you.

Fortress Security Review

Fortress Security provides all-in-one security kits for home and business along with related accessories.

Fortress Security Set

Image via Amazon

These accessories include system add-ons such as sirens, power supplies, motion detectors, and glass break alarms. Fortress also offers video surveillance as well as individual security products.

Headquartered in Walla, Walla, Washington, Fortress Security systems can be purchased via the Fortress Security Store website and at retailers such as Amazon and Best Buy.

The Fortress site also offers a “build your own system” function, similar to configuring your own computer system through Dell.

But what are the basics? What does any home security system have to include to do the job? Before going further in our Fortress Security review, let’s establish the baseline.

Home security systems revolve around a control panel, which serves as the nerve center for what happens at your property.

Typically this control panel will have a keypad unit where you enter on and off codes coming in and going out of your home or business.

You’re also going to need sensors, typically for windows and doors, and motion detectors. Finally, you need a monitoring system -- a way to connect and communicate with all this technology when it sounds an alarm.

You can expand your system from there with cameras, glass-breaking detectors, and other add-ons.

Keep in mind that Fortress is a technology provider that sells do-it-yourself systems for security that are self-monitored. If you want professional monitoring, you will have to have a contract with a third party.

What To Know About Fortress

Fortress Security

Image via Amazon

Now to the heart of our Fortress Security review. The company offers three system “kits:” the SO3 Wi-Fi Security System, the S1 Stealth Security System, and the S6 Titan 3G/4G Wi-Fi Security System.

Let’s look at the components available in the S1 Stealth. The other kits are configured similarly.

First, you have to start with the Stealth Main Panel, which comes with power supply included. Remember: The main panel alone will not secure you against intruders.

From there you choose the accessories that best fit your own personal security situation. Fortress individually programs each accessory to be compatible with your central unit out of the box.

The accessories available include:

  • Door/window sensor
  • Standard motion detector
  • Pet motion sensor
  • RFID keypad
  • Smoke alarm
  • Glass break, vibration, and water sensors
  • Sirens
  • A key fob
  • Panic button
  • Yard signs
  • Signal repeater
  • Smart outlet
  • Gas leak detector

As you can see, you can build out your system depending on what it is you wish to guard against.

Each of the Fortress systems is compatible with the company’s free Android/iOS app (which is where the monitoring takes place.) You get your alerts either on your mobile phone or tablet.

Fortress also offers a three-year hardware warranty and free service seven-days a week.

Read the Fortress web site carefully. Each individual product includes an information panel that provides additional information about the products.

For instance, the indoor/outdoor siren notes that the siren sounds at 130 decibels and can be placed as far as 150 feet away. That should be enough to chase away the most hard-core intruders.

Options Galore

Procedures on how to use Fortress Security System

Image via Amazon

An important part of our Fortress Security review included a careful examination of the company's accessories. First, it's essential to know that each of the Fortress systems supports 100 or more accessories.

A full range of accessories is available as part of the shopping experience on the Fortress Security Store. These include the predictable, such as additional sensors, sirens security cameras, panic buttons, and key fobs.

It also covers the practical -- replacement batteries and sticky tape, signs, stickers, and power supplies.

The key word in this part of our Fortress Security review: Modularity.

Depending on your budget and your situation, you can start with the basics and add on new components as you need them. Assuming you can make them all talk to each other!

Installing Fortress Security

Needless to say, configuring and purchasing a home security system is just the first step. Going the distance requires you to be comfortable with do-it-yourself installation.

Keep in mind, however, that all the components will have been pre-programmed for you. Your job will be to get the system “up and running very quickly,” the company says in one of its customer service videos.

In addition to video tutorials, Fortress provides extensive user manuals, written in everyday language, to help you jump start your system.

The essence of installing a Fortress System is captured in all of about six steps. You must make notes about your alarm zones, test the accessories, install the equipment, program the phone numbers, and then change your password.

Should anything go wrong, Fortress offers free support seven days a week for technical difficulties. The support lines at Fortress are open from Noon to 7:30 Eastern Time.

At least one security expert, writing for the Security Baron, a blog site devoted to home security technology, expressed some skepticism based on one experience with customer support at Fortress.

But what do other customers say?

Real Reviews

Fortress Security kits and individual pieces of equipment are also available via Amazon. The most widely reviewed unit, the S03 Wi-Fi Classic kit, receives a ranking of 3.7 stars out of 5.0 based on more than 750 different reviews.

The Fortress Security review on Amazon helpfully breaks down the feedback into different categories. Easy to install gets 4.0 stars out 5.0, while battery life and durability come in at about 3.5 stars out of 5.0.

One very pleased customer relates an experience with a recent break-in at his home. The customer notes that the Fortress system worked well, including capturing video of the intruders for law enforcement.

A separate customer initially gave the Fortress system excellent reviews, mainly based on ease of set-up. But the customer later amended the reviews.

The customer noted that the alarm tended to sound despite adjustments to the “delayed entry” sensor -- designed to allow homeowners time to turn off the alarm upon entry.

Though there are some negative reviews, the balance weighs towards four and five stars.


Fortress Security

Image via Amazon

One thing we know you will like in this Fortress Security review is our discussion of pricing. One of the significant advantages of a self-monitored system is that you avoid the hassle of monthly service fees for professional monitoring. And as long as you’re even a little handy, you’ll avoid installation charges.

But really, we’re talking about equipment costs to acquire a Fortress security system.

Prices for other models of Fortress Security kits go for as low as $120 and as high as $270, based on a search of Google Shopping. Add-on accessories will add to your cost.

How We Reviewed The Market

Home security systems have become big business. As such, they collect plenty of attention from tech experts writing for tech journals, general interest publications, and newsletters. The industry itself also puts out large quantities of information about the market and its various players.

We started our Fortress Security review by seeking to understand the company itself, starting with a top-to-bottom read-through of the Fortress Security Store website.

Then we examined how the company has been viewed by others, such as the Security Baron blog and SafeHome.org. We also looked at more mainstream publications such as PC Magazine, the Verge, and CNET.

Those publications also helped us pick out systems for comparison. For those, we kept our focus on systems that you can configure and install yourself and decide for yourself how you want them monitored.

 Ring, ring, ring and away we go

You may know it best from its commercials for its video doorbell, but Ring offers a home security system that rivals Fortress. Ring's systems come in various configurations ranging from 5 to 15 pieces. That is a direct contrast with Fortress, which encourages you to build the system that best works for you.

Ring Alarm Set

Image via Amazon

The eight-piece kit, as an example, includes a base station, keypad, three contact sensors, two motion detectors, and a range extender.

One enticing feature: The Ring systems integrate with Amazon Alexa for voice commands. Ring also offers 24/7 professional monitoring as an add-on for $10 a month.

Similar to Fortress, the Ring systems have their own monitoring app. This enables you to keep watch over your property through your mobile phone or tablet.

Happy customers found the system easier to use and set up than expected. Another customer had a different experience, writing on Amazon that his property was robbed even after installation.

Singing like a bird

Home security systems exist to make noise when the bad guys come in. The systems by Canary Connect Inc. of New York are geared to do exactly that.

Canary’s all-in-one security view system provides a siren that sounds at 90 decibels or above when confronted with an intrusion. That’s plenty loud, but a little quieter than some of Fortress’s add-on accessories.

One prominent feature of the Canary system: It provides the capability to stream real-time video of your home to anywhere using the included 1080p HD camera. The camera has a wide-angle lens and night vision, allowing you to keep watch day and night over the included app.

Canary View - Indoor Security Camera can be operated using a mobile phone

Image via Amazon

Another Canary feature not found in other systems: Built-in climate monitors and air-quality alerts, covering things like temperature and humidity.

The system sells depending on whether you want to add on professional installation. The company also offers an optional premium membership service which includes features like two-way audio conversations and video history storage.

Canary systems are not widely reviewed, so the feedback from customers is mixed. One family noted their system, unfortunately, arrived broken but was quickly replaced. A less-enthused purchaser said that her wedding ring was stolen despite the presence of the system.

Shielding the home

ADT is a leading name in the security business. The company offers do-it-yourself home security via its LifeShield subsidiary.

Like Fortress, LifeShield offers make-your-own system capabilities in addition to pre-configured kits. One of its kits, a 12-piece system, offers excellent value along with optional add-on professional monitoring.

LifeShield Set

Image via Amazon

The 12-piece kit includes all the principal components, from the base station and keypad through sensor and siren. It also offers a layered approach to communication to make sure you get the alerts. The system will access broadband, cellular, and then landline until it receives a response.

You can integrate LifeShield into your home technology network, allowing you to control the system by voice through your personal assistant (Alexa, Siri, Google.) You’ll also get a fire safety sensor as well as special panic and distress modes.

LifeShield kits sell depending on how many pieces you wish to acquire when you first install your system.

Reviewers found the system exceptionally easy to install and praised the wireless connectivity.

Locked Down

Deciding on home security is a very personal matter. Without knowing your own individual situation, and your tolerance for risk, it's a little difficult for us to recommend one system as part of our Fortress security review.

But because that's our goal here, we really say you should stick with the Fortress Systems. Unlike other companies, Fortress truly puts its emphasis on modularity.

It recognizes that everyone has a different situation -- bigger houses, more windows, more doors. One-size-fits-all is yesterday’s idea. Today the consumer is in charge. Build your fortress.

Have you tried Fortress or another security system? Share your experiences in the comments.

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GW Security Review: Home Security

gw security
gw security

Image via flickr

Have you been looking for a good GW security review? If so, it’s probably because you’re looking for a security camera system that can protect your home or business.

Possibly, you’re looking for an alternative to some of the more famous security camera brands out there. But can it really measure up to those bigger names?

If you’re thinking about buying from GW, there are a few things you need to know first. How clear is their video? Are they difficult to set up? How much do their cameras cost? And how do they really measure up to their competition?

What Is GW Security?


Image via flickr

GW is a security company that’s been in business since 2009. In that time, they’ve developed a reputation as a rising star in the security camera market.

They primarily specialize in CCTV products. This essentially means you can buy a set number of cameras from them and use them to monitor your premises. That makes them especially appropriate for business owners or homeowners with large properties.

They also have a very wide range of products and packages to choose from. These cameras come in all different shapes and sizes, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding what you’re looking for.

Their bullet cameras and dome cameras are especially popular. We’ll take a closer look at some of their buying options later in this review.

What Else Should You Know In A GW Security Review?

Naturally, there are a few other important things you need to learn in a GW security review. Here are some more useful facts that can help you decide if one of their systems is right for you.

What Are Its Most Important Features?


Image via flickr

No GW security review would be complete without a look at its key features. These guys do have a few things that set them apart from the competition.

One of their most important features is the fact that its cameras capture video in 5MP super 1920p HD. That means they’re capable of capturing extremely clear HD video. This is a major selling point for GW. Virtually every GW security review we researched mentioned how clear the video is.

Another useful feature is the fact that you can power an entire GW security system with just one ethernet cable. That way, you won’t have to buy a lot of extra power cables.

All you have to do is plug one cable to one camera. It simplifies the installation process tremendously. We’ll go into more detail on that in a moment.

Furthermore, GW has its own app that allows you to access your security system anywhere with your phone remotely. This lets you conveniently watch your videos anywhere, even if you’re at work or at school.

Finally, all bullet and dome cameras are equipped with IR LED inside the lens. These are capable of both nighttime and daytime viewing and are able to record up to 196 feet.

What Buying Options Do You Have?

GW security offers 14,500 different products in all. As such, you have a ton of different options to choose from when deciding how to protect your home or business best. Let’s take a closer look at a few of their more popular options.

One of these is its eight camera system with eight bullet cameras. Bullet cameras are the long, cylindrical-shaped cameras that you’re likely familiar with. Their main strength is the fact that they’re capable of recording long distances. Customers on Amazon have given this system 4.9 out of 5 stars.

Another option is the eight camera system with four bullet cameras and four dome cameras. The addition of the dome cameras might make this a more attractive choice for some.

The main advantage these have is that their shape makes it difficult to tell which way they’re pointing. This uncertainty could be enough to scare away potential criminals. This system has 4.4 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

If these don’t sound like they’re enough for you, you might consider buying the 16 camera system. This system comes with 16 bullet cameras in all. This option is most appropriate for people with very large properties that need a lot of coverage. If you only have a small home, it might be too much for you. This system also has 4.4 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

Again, these are just a few of the options available from GW. Browse their products page and see what they have to offer.

Is It Difficult To Install?

person installing CCTV wiring

Image via flickr

As you probably already know, some security systems are simply a pain to set up. Luckily, this is not an issue with GW systems.

In fact, every GW security review we looked at went out of their way to mention how easy it is to set up and use. Again, this is partially because of their simple ethernet setup. One cable is all you need to power the whole thing.

Another common theme in any GW security review is their customer service. In the rare moments when customers didn’t know what to do next, they were easily able to get a hold of someone who could show them the way. So even if you’re stuck, it’s not difficult to find help.

In case you ever need them, all of GW’s instruction manuals are available for download on their website.

How Much Does It Cost?

bills and coins on person hand

Image via flickr

With all the different buying options available, it shouldn’t be any surprise that GW’s prices can vary quite dramatically. Their cameras can cost anywhere from $ to $$$.

Since their most popular products are their 8 and 16 channel systems, we’re going to focus on these. Their 8 channel camera systems cost between $ and $$$.

Meanwhile, their 16 channel camera systems will cost between $ and $$$. That might seem like a lot of money at first glance. However, it's actually fairly reasonable compared to similar systems.

You can buy GW security products online from Amazon or their official website.

How We Reviewed

For these reviews, we used Amazon and the products’ official websites as our main sources of information. Additionally, our opinions were largely informed by customer reviews from Amazon.

When reviewing these products, we focused on a few different things. These include main features, ease of use, reliability, and picture quality. Price was also a major factor in these reviews.

How Does It Compare To Other Security Camera Systems?

Of course, any good GW security review should also mention the competition. Let’s take a closer look at how GW compares to some of the other security camera systems out there.

Arlo Pro

Arlo Pro - Wireless Home Security Camera System with Siren | Rechargeable, Night vision, Indoor/Outdoor, HD Video, 2-Way Audio, Wall Mount | Cloud Storage | 3 camera kit (VMS4330) w/ Charging Cable
  • Works with Alexa for voice control (Alexa device sold separately)
  • 100 percent Wire free Free of power cords and wiring hasslesNight Vision
  • 8 Digital Zoom
  • Designed for Arlo Pro, Arlo Pro 2 and Arlo Security Lights;**For indoor use only**;Ideal for indoor environments to provide uninterrupted charging of your camera or security light's battery;Cable length: 10 ft. (3 M)

Arlo Pro is one of the biggest names in the security camera market. They set themselves apart by using completely wireless systems. Instead of wires, their cameras are powered by rechargeable batteries.

These cameras are also weatherproof, and they come equipped with night vision. Other features include two-way audio, advanced motion detection, and sirens that are triggered by motion.

Most customers loved the fact that Arlo Pro is completely wireless. They were also impressed with its long battery life, and they felt it was very easy to use and install.

However, there were a couple of common complaints as well. One is the picture quality. Many people simply felt the images were too blurry or pixelated. Also, several of them felt the motion detection was unreliable. It takes a few moments for it to actually begin recording.

Arlo Pro’s five camera system will cost between $ and $$$. That is more or less comparable to the price of GW’s security systems.

Their wireless capabilities are their main selling point. They’re worth considering if going wireless is important to you. If not, you should stick with

GW for the clearer pictures. Arlo Pro has 4.1 out of 5 stars on Amazon.


CANARY (CAN100USBK) All-in-One Indoor 1080p HD Security Camera with Built-in Siren and Climate Monitor, Motion / Person / Air Quality Alerts, Works with Alexa, Insurance Discount Eligible - Black
  • Works with Alexa for voice control (Alexa device sold separately). Connectivity : 2.4GHz Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n)
  • LET CANARY BE YOUR EYES AND EARS: The Canary All-in-One Home Security System is just what you've been looking for. Featuring a full HD 1080p camera with a 147-degree lens view, the Canary can see more or your home to help keep your mind at ease. The Canary also features high-quality sound recording, so you are not only able to see your home, but be able to hear what's going on.
  • BUILT IN ALARM TO HELP SCARE OFF INTRUDERS: The Canary features a built in alarm system that reaches sound levels of 90+ decibels, that's the same noise level as a running lawn mower! The built in siren is perfect for scaring off unwanted visitors. sensors are 3-axis accelerometer, ambient light, capacitive touch
  • GET UPDATES TO YOUR SMARTPHONE: Canary works using the wireless internet in your home. By connecting your phone to the Canary system, you will be able to receive immediate alerts when your camera notices movement and activity. Never be surprised by an unfortunate event with the Canary Home Security System.
  • PERFECT FOR PET LOVERS: The Canary Home Security System is also a great tool for pet parents. Have you ever wondered what your cats do while you're away, or which of you dogs keeps getting into the trash? Well, now you can watch and find out. Set up your Canary camera near where your pet spends the most time and be able to keep an eye on them throughout the day.

Canary is another potential alternative for keeping your home safe. Their systems can be set up, so they monitor for activity when you’re away and stop recording while you’re at home. You can also schedule them to record while you’re sleeping.

Once activity is detected, it sends notifications straight to your phone. Then, you can choose to sound a 90-decibel siren or alert the police right away.

These cameras are weatherproof and use HD video.

Many customers loved how easy this camera system was to set up and install. They also felt the picture it provided was very clear.

Unfortunately, these systems have a number of shortcomings. For one, you have to pay a monthly subscription for several of its most important features.

Also, the motion detection is very unreliable. It won’t send you an alert until 

the motion has actually stopped.

Canary’s two-camera system costs between $ and $$. This does make it a highly affordable option.

However, it leaves a lot to be desired as a security system. Unless you just need something to keep an eye on your pets, you should go with GW.

Customers have given Canary 3.1 out of 5 stars on Amazon.


Reolink PoE Camera 4MP Super HD Home Security Outdoor Indoor Video Surveillance Support Night Vision, Motion Detection, Audio, Remote Access, SD Card Slot RLC-410
  • 4MP HD 100FT NIGHT VISION and WIDE VIEWING ANGLE: 4MP 1440p Super HD camera, long-distance night vision range 65-100ft with 18 infrared LEDs, up to 80˚ wide viewing angle, capture more clearer and sharper images and video, great for driveway, hallways, etc.
  • POE OUTDOOR and INDOOR: PoE with only one Ethernet cable (up to 330ft), works with PoE switch,injector,NVR, no power adapter needed, easy setup with plug and play, waterproof camera, fit for indoor and outdoor, residential areas, retail store, business.
  • SMART MOTION DETECT and ALERT: Schedulable Motion detection, motion recording and real-time motion alert via email, app push notification to mobile phone, FTP upload snapshots and videos, motion sensibility adjustment - accurate and smart motion detection less false alarm.
  • FREE VERSITLE APPS and REMOTE VIEW: Free and intuitive Reolink Client and mobile app for iPhone and Android, PC Windows and MAC, no monthly subscription fee, support at least 8 camera sources, live view, remote view, motion detection, live stream control, and recorded video playback.
  • SD Card or NVR RECORDING: Comes with SD card slot( SD card not included), support up to 64Gb micro SD card for recording. 24x7 HD video recording and storage with Reolink PoE network video recorders (support up to 16 cameras and with built-in 3TB HDD).

Reolink is another popular name in the security camera market. Like GW security, you can power it through ethernet with a single cable.

These cameras feature 24/7 recording and monitoring. You can also set them up to record during motion detection only which allows for longer recording. Once motion is detected, it alerts you through email and with their app. These cameras also feature high-quality night vision and easy video playback.

Many customers found these cameras to be a good value for the price. They loved how affordable they are, and they appreciated the crystal clear images.

However, there were many technical issues as well. Lots of customers had severe difficulty installing these cameras, and the customer service was not helpful in this regard. There were also several issues with cameras going out or not recording when they were supposed to.

Reolink’s four-camera system costs between $ and $$. Again, this makes it a very affordable choice.

That said, you could have a lot of technical problems with these systems. GW security tends to be much more reliable overall. This system has 3.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

GW Security Pros And Cons

As you’ve seen in this GW security review, these systems have a lot going for them. You get crystal clear video, simple ethernet connections, very easy setup, and great customer service. And of course, you get very competitive prices on top of this.

In truth, it’s difficult to find a negative GW security review. Complaints are relatively few and far between. However, there are rare instances of customers having technical problems.

These might include connectivity issues with the app or systems powering down and needing to be restarted. Also, some customers found the manuals to be a bit too brief and unexplanatory.


  • Extremely clear video
  • Easy installation
  • Simple ethernet connection
  • Excellent customer service


  • Occasionally technical difficulties
  • Instructions are not always clear

Is GW Security What You Need To Keep Your Family Safe?

Now that you’ve read this GW security review, you should have a good idea of what to expect from these cameras. Overall, they’re an excellent choice for anyone looking to protect their home or business.

These cameras are highly reliable, they provide extremely clear pictures, they’re easy to install, and their customer service is on another level. And as you’ve seen, they compare very favorably to similar brands. They’re a rising star in the security camera market for good reason.

The only thing that might potentially hold you back is the price. Depending on the specific package you choose, these systems can get pretty expensive.

If you plan to buy from GW, it’s important to be realistic about how many cameras you need. Keeping it small can potentially help you keep the price down. Other than that, GW is a very high-quality brand, and it might be exactly what you need to keep your family safe.

Do you use a security system we didn't mention? Have any experience with the ones we have? Tell us about it in the comments!

SimpliSafe Review 2019

SimpliSafe Wireless Home Security Command Bravo
Image via Amazon

Protecting our homes is one of our top priorities, and you have probably heard that Simplisafe Security Systems do just that. Of course, you aren't just going to run out and buy the first security system you hear about, so a Simplisafe review is precisely what you need.

Security systems like Simplisafe are one of the best things to buy if you would like to sleep soundly at night. Personally, I always make sure that my security system is working. However, times have changed and the system you bought 10 years ago, probably isn't as good as one you can buy today.

Let's dive into our Simplisafe review to see if Simplisafe is the company for you.

SimpliSafe Review: What Is a SimpliSafe Security System?

Screen showing a Security word

​Image source: Pixabay

Have you ever worried that someone may burglarize your home while you're away? Well, having a SimpliSafe security system can ease that worry.

The SimpliSafe security system is a new state of the art form of home protection. There are many different bundles to choose from, but all of them protect your home to a whole new level. The SimpliSafe security system is wireless and only requires wifi to work. SimpliSafe has been in business for ten years and covers over two million customers.

A SimpliSafe security system is tough to crack. For example, you could try to smash it or even cut the main line, and the system would still report to the central monitoring center to call the police for help.

Additionally, you can have a SimpliCam that will show you the activity in your home 24 hours a day. While sleeping, you can rest easy knowing that the house is under surveillance with SimpliSafe security team. In the event that a burglary does happen, SimpliSafe will contact the police and send help.

SimpliSafe review: additional features

Our Simplisafe review found that SimpliSafe has a new signal burst technology, which keeps you from having to change batteries so often. You can control your security system from anywhere you go.

This security system is a DIY, you install your system without using any tools, and you are protected the same day. There's also a panic button that you can put anywhere. We suggest putting it next to your bed in case of a medical issue or fire.

SimpliSafe sends you alerts when doors or windows are left open. The system gives you precision detection so that you can tell if a sound is a window breaking or just one of your clumsy kids dropping a glass.

The system is even able to warn you if your pipes are in danger of bursting because they are getting too cold. That's great because it could save you thousands of dollars in water damage.

Guess what else?

SimpliSafe has new indoor cameras. They have a steel shutter that stays closed while you are in the home mode. It has an option to record anytime, or you can customize it.

Have you wanted one of those doorbell cameras for awhile? Well, SimpliSafe has a new two-way, and motion detection video doorbell.

SimpliSafe Review: Types of SimpliSafe Security Systems

Man using a laptop with Security on his top

​Image source: Pixabay

As we said, there are many SimpliSafe security system options, but it would take too much time to review them all. Instead, we have listed three below.


 SimpliSafe Wireless Home Security Command Alpha
  • Wireless "Do it yourself" home security system
  • Monitoring stations are ul-certified with a built in cellular connection
  • Unbeatable 24/7 security for just $14.99 each month
  • 5-piece Bundle
  • Frustration-free packaging 
  • Do you have an apartment or a small home? Not a problem, this is the bundle for you. It includes one base station, one keypad, one entry sensor, one motion sensor, and a master key chain remote. The Alpha package is one of their older products, but it is still available.

    It comes in white color with grey, blue, and red buttons.

    There are many customers on Amazon that were pleased with this package's price and happy with the battery back up. But there are a few customers who stated the company has awful customer service.

    The Haven

    Do you want a little more to be included? This package has a base station, one keypad, one key fob, four entry sensors, two motion sensor, one smoke detector, one water sensor, one freeze sensor, one panic button, and a 105db siren.

    Some of Amazon stated it was not a good system, due to third party sharing of information. One customer stated their animals kept setting off the motion sensors. Others, however, stated it was an amazing system, that was very affordable and very easy to install.

    The Knox

    Now, if you have a large home, this package is for you. You will get one base station, one key fob, one keypad, six entry sensors, two motion sensors, one smoke detector, and a 105db siren. On all packages, the keypad can be located anywhere, due to it being wireless.

    The customer's reviews for this package are very different from the other reviews. Almost all the customers that bought this package were happy with the alarm recording data and will not go anywhere else for now on. A few others are upset with the double stick tape on the product. They also complained that the keypad doesn't tell you which window or door is setting off the alarm. That can be a huge issue if you're trying to leave your home and don't know which window or door is causing the issue.

    SimpliSafe Review: Price Ranges

    I don't know about you, but I like to keep a budget when buying products.

    SimpliSafe has a wide range of prices, going from buying just la carte or buying large packages.

    The great thing about SimpliSafe is there are no contracts. 

    SimpliSafe Review: How to Install

    The SimpliSafe security system is so easy to install anyone could do it. No tools are required to help you install your system.

    First, you place the base station in a central location in your house. Do not place the base station on the floor. The base station needs to be plugged into a power outlet using the power cord that was included in the package.

    Second, you install your keypad on any wall that you choose and place with the adhesive tape that's already included on the keypad. It is recommended to be placed by your front door, but not required. Next, follow the onscreen instructions for setting up your PIN.

    You will then go around your home placing the sensors and then the fire detector. The fire detector does require a screwdriver, but all the other products do not require tools.

    Lastly, you will next up any extras items that you purchased, such as cameras or water sensors.

    How We Reviewed

    We did a SimpliSafe review by comparing it to other security systems. We also checked out customers reviews to see how customers like the features, installation, and affordability.

    SimpliSafe Review: How Other Security Systems Compare

    When buying a home security system, you want to buy the best without emptying your wallet. Just because its expensive doesn't mean its better than the cheaper brand. We have given you a few other options to look at below.

    Please take a moment and glance at some other options.


    LifeShield, an ADT Company - 14-Piece Easy, DIY Smart Home Security System
    • Help Protect Your Home & Family: When you arm your LifeShield System, you’ll be notified when motion is detected, a door or window is opened, or your fire alarm has gone off. *24/7 professional monitoring for emergency services is optional.
    • Easy to Set Up Sensors & Smart Camera: 2 pet-friendly Motion Sensors, 4 Door/Window Sensors, and a Fire Safety Sensor that works with your existing fire/CO alarms. The Indoor Smart Camera has motion detection, live video, & video recording.

    The LifeSheild home security system is monitored with the ADT company. The LifeSheild security system also has many packages to offer at an affordable price.

    The LifeShield Home Security Advantage Kit includes a base station, touchpad, keypad, two motion sensors, four entry sensors, fire safety sensor, key chain remote, and an indoor camera. 

    The company gives you a 30-day money back guarantee. 

    LifeSheild also doesn't require tools to install, and it uses wifi. The LifeSheild base is also smashproof, and they provide four layers of protection.

    Amazon customer's had great reviews, they loved the screen size on the keypad and was happy they could choose self-monitoring instead of a call center but wasn't happy with the power plug sticking straight out.


    Ring Alarm 8 Piece Kit - Home Security System
  • Ring Alarm puts whole-home security at your fingertips. Get alerts on your smart phone when doors or windows open or motion is detected.
  • Optional 24/7 professional monitoring is just $10/month. No long-term contracts or cancellation fees.
  • Manage Ring Alarm and other Ring products—including Ring Doorbell—with the Ring app.
  • Customize Ring Alarm for your needs. Add components at any time for whole home protection.
  • Ring works with Alexa and has Shaq's security kits. The package we picked out has a base station, three contact sensors, two motion detectors, keypad, and a range extender. 

    Ring home security system doesn't require tools for installation. Ring, if the robbers smash the base, it will send a call out to the monitoring center and get the police to come to your home.

    They didn't like the exit feature, stating it's too loud and goes off too many times, but was happy the keypad could control his thermostat.


     LarmTek Smart Wi-Fi Alarm System
  • With home alarm system, Wi-Fi function, motion sensor, wireless IP camera and remote smart phone control ( support IOS&Android app)
  • Wireless home security system,It's easy for DIY installation without any other fees
  • The LarmTek App supports optional IP camera for online viewing
  • Home security alarm system built-in battery can support the system working more than 8 hours. Built-in 1dB Siren scare away any potential intruder 
  • The LarmTek security system package includes one host unit, two remote controllers, one wireless PIR detector, two wireless doors and window contact sensor, one RF keypad, one 5V 2A power adapter for host unit, one 5V 1A power adapter for RF keypad, one-meter ethernet cable, and two screws bags. Tools are required for installation.

    Customers love the fact that is no contract or monthly fees but one customer stated you have to have your phone at all times in case the alarm goes off you have to call the police yourself.

    LarmTek is wireless, and this system has a siren when it goes off. There is a LarmTek application for your phone, and it does not contact the police unless you request it.

    SimpliSafe Review: Is it the Best Security System for You

    Overall, SimpliSafe has a fantastic security system with all their new high-tech gadgets. They have made many improvements from their first home security systems.

    The fact that you do not have to change batteries very often and there aren't any tools required for installation makes it a great option.

    SimpliSafe is upgrading to make their products better and more hi-tech. The only issue with that is they are not compatible with the older versions, and you must buy all brand new every time.

    So, if you're like me and don't want all those enormous holes in your walls and don't want the hassle of having to wait on a technician to install all the products throughout your home, then SimpliSafe is the security systems for you.

    Top 10 Safest Cities in Texas You Can Live in Today


    Are you wondering what the safest cities in Texas are? You're not alone. While the Lone Star State is the 19th safest state in America, there are some nasty places that you'll want to avoid.

    That said, most cities in Texas are great places to live, work, and raise a family. If you're visiting, chances are that you won't see any crime happening. That's because Texas sits well below the national average for violent crime. In fact, you're more likely to be victimized in the UK than you are in Texas!

    Of course, you'll find criminals everywhere, so if you're looking to move to Texas, you'll want to relocate to one of the many safer areas.

    So what are the safest cities in Texas?

    Texas in Detail

    houston texas

    ​ Image ​Source: Pixabay.com

    Did you know that Texas has a booming education and tech sector?

    It's true!

    The state has invested a lot into these two areas in order to diversify its economy away from oil, and the results are paying huge dividends. Average incomes in Texas are in line with the national average, yet taxes are much lower, and the cost of goods is much lower than the national average.

    Then let's not forget the stunning beauty of the Lone Star state. From the beaches of the Gulf of Mexico to the famous Texas Panhandle, you've got everything. Forests, beaches, desert, mountains, and thriving communities linked together by good roads.

    Can you think of a better place to be?

    Is Texas safe?

    Thankfully crime rates are declining across America. The national average is 40 violent crimes per 1,000 people, down from 48 per 1,000 just a few years ago. America still has a long way to go to reach low levels like in western Europe (20 per 1,000), Canada (15 per 1,000), and Australia (11 per 1,000). But progress is being made, and Texas is at the forefront of the effort.

    With a violent crime rate of just 25 crimes per 1,000, Texas enjoys a safety level more in line with Europe than the rest of America.

    So yeah, Texas is reasonably safe. If you've ever been to Detroit or Little Rock, you'll love almost any city in Texas.

    But there are a couple of places you'll probably want to avoid.

    What are the gun laws in Texas?

    Texas is considered a "shall issue" state. That means no laws are regulating the possession of a firearm, only that a person has to be 18 or older to purchase a long-barrel firearm, and not a felon.

    To buy a handgun, you need to complete a four-hour training course and be at least 21 years of age.

    Texas is also an open-carry state, meaning people can carry rifles and handguns around in the open. Handguns, however, must be holstered.

    Whether this is a dealbreaker or further enticement to move to Texas is entirely up to you.

    What are the most violent cities in Texas?

    violent city

    ​Image Source: Pixabay.com

    Texas is one of the safer states in the Union, but that doesn't mean it's completely safe. After all, bad guys are everywhere no matter where in the world you go.

    Some places in Texas are particularly prone to violent crime, more than others. To find the safest cities in Texas, we first looked at the most dangerous cities. Let's dive right in.


    The most dangerous city in Texas is Bellmead. Both violent crime and property crime has been on an upward trajectory for the past few years, shunning national trends. You have a 1 in 43 chance of being a victim of a crime while in Bellmead, and those are not good odds when it comes to safety.


    When it comes to property crime, Donna takes the award for the most dangerous city in Texas. Residents have a 1 in 18 chance of being robbed, and a 1 in 48 chance of a violent crime happening to them. For a city of only 15,000 people, those are incredibly high crime rates. Seriously, even Detroit is safer than Donna!


    Texarkana is the third most dangerous city in Texas, but thankfully that crime rate is declining every year. As of 2019, you have a 1 in 20 chance of being the victim of property crime, and a 1 in 50 chance of a violent crime. Definitely not one of the safest cities in Texas. Strangely, Texarkana, TX shares the exact same crime rate as Texarkana, AK.


    Sadly, the historic city where brave Texans held off the Mexican army and started a revolution is also one of the most dangerous cities in the state. Alamo, population 20,000, has a violent crime rate of 1 in 108. That means after you visit the Alamo memorial, you'll probably just want to get out of Dodge. Head to one of the safest cities in Texas, instead.

    San Antonio

    What's a major metropolis without crime? Well, for most of Texas, it's normal. Not so for San Antonio, where residents face a 1 in 22 chance of property crime and 1 in 110 chance of violent crime. This city of over a million people has a lot going for it; unfortunately, safety isn't one of those things.

    How We Reviewed

    To find the safest cities in Texas, we scoured the internet for as much information as we could dig up. We looked at Census Bureau data, crime data, and even information about incomes and property values. That gave us a ton of information about the safest cities in Texas.

    But we went further than that. We also read reviews from people who have been to these cities to hear what their experiences were. After all, numbers on a spreadsheet rarely tell the whole story. Once we were finished with that, we had a list of the safest cities in Texas.

    The 10 Safest Cities in Texas

    dallas texas

    ​Image Source: Pixabay.com

    The ten safest cities in Texas have several things in common. For the most part, they aren't big metropolitan areas. They also have very high levels of home ownership and stable median incomes. These are mostly family-oriented cities, where people live and work and go to school. We also noticed that most of them are clustered around the north and east of the state, near Oklahoma and the Gulf of Mexico.

    There were some other interesting findings, as well. According to the Safewise State of Safety Report, 80-percent of the safest cities in Texas have been on the safe list for several years in a row. Also, every single one of these cities was murder-free in 2018, and Kermit, TX was violent crime-free in 2017.

    If you're thinking of relocating to Texas, or even just visiting for a while, the safest cities in Texas will do you just fine.

    1. Kermit

    The safest city in Texas is also one of the safest cities in the USA. Kermit, TX reported zero violent crimes in 2017 and 2018 and only 10 property crimes in 2018. Of course, this city only has a population of 6,000 or so, so there just aren't many criminal types mixed in.

    Another thing Kermit has going for it is the distance from any major city. It's dead-smack in the middle of the panhandle, between San Antonio to the east and El Paso the west, making it somewhat remote. Nevertheless, it has good housing, a stable economy, and some magnificent scenery.

    And here's another thing.

    Kermit wasn't named after the frog. Instead, the city was named after Teddy Roosevelt's father, Kermit Roosevelt, who loved to hunt in the area back in the 19th Century.

    2. Memorial Villages

    This beautiful suburb of Houston is the second of the safest cities in Texas. In 2018 they had one single violent crime and 85 property crimes. For an area of nearly 50,000 inhabitants, this gives it a crime rate of 0.007 per 1,000. That makes it one of the safest cities in the world!

    memorial villages

    ​Image Source: Pixabay.com

    Memorial Villages isn't actually one village. It's a conglomeration of six different suburbs who work together. These are:

    • ​Hedwig Village
    • ​Hilshire Village
    • ​Hunters Creek Village
    • ​Piney Point Village
    • ​Spring Valley Village
    • ​Bunker Hill Village

    So the fact that all six of these villages combined have the lowest crime rate in America says there's something unique about this area. Houston itself has a crime rate in line with the national average, so this suburban area is definitely an outlier.

    3. Fairview

    Fairview, a suburb to the north of Dallas, is one of the fastest growing communities in America. It's also one of the safest cities in Texas.

    Thanks to the booming economy in Dallas, the beautiful year-round weather, the nearly 100-percent employment rate, and affordable housing prices, there's no wonder that people are flocking to the city. Add a low crime rate to the mix, and you've got the perfect place to settle and raise a family.

    Get this.

    The crime rate for Fairview is just 0.12 per 1,000. That's both violent and property crimes. So the vast majority of people here will go their entire lives without ever experiencing a crime. There's nothing wrong with that!

    Thanks to its closeness to Dallas, Fairview is a commuter town. After all, Dallas is a corporate headquarter hub. Just take a look at some of the big names who have their headquarters here:

    • ​Toyota
    • ​American Airlines
    • ​AT&T
    • ​Greyhound Bus Lines
    • ​Hotels.com
    • ​Interstate Batteries
    • ​McAfee
    • ​Regus
    • ​Texas Instruments
    • ​Southwest Airlines

    All those big headquarters means lots of jobs, which translates into high incomes for those who live in Fairview. As of 2016, the average household income in the suburb was $88,000, which is $8,000 more than the national average.

    4. Colleyville

    Guess what?

    Another Dallas suburb made the list of safest cities in Texas. Colleyville, population 26,000, enjoyed a low crime rate of only 0.19 per 1,000, which translates into about 5 violent crimes per year.

    But here's the thing.

    Colleyville is the wealthy area of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. The average household income in 2016 was $144,000! As statistics show, the more affluent the area, the less violent crime.

    So if you can afford to live in Colleyville, then this would be a great place to settle. If you're just visiting, then you'll love renting an Airbnb in one of these humungous houses.

    5. Fair Oaks Ranch

    Further south we reach a peaceful town just outside of San Antonio. Fair Oaks Ranch enjoys an extremely low crime rate, making it one of the safest cities in Texas.

    With a population of around 10,000, it's known as a retirement village. But lately loads of young families have been flocking to the area thanks to excellent municipal services and amazing housing prices. Because it's within driving distance of San Antonio, more and more commuters are moving in.

    But that's not all.

    You see, Fair Oaks Ranch enjoys a crime rate of only 0.33 per 1,000. There were only 40 property crimes reported in 2018 and not a single violent crime.

    6. Anna

    Texas is famous for its bluebonnet flowers and naming cities after people. Anna, TX is a perfect example of both.

    This tiny bedroom community to the north of Dallas enjoys its status as one of the safest cities in Texas eight years running. With a population of nearly 13,000, it suffered only 3 violent crimes in all that time and none in 2018. When it comes to property crime, there are 11 per 1,000, making it safer than most cities in America.

    Of course, crime isn't the only thing to worry about when you live in this part of Texas. The weather can be a killer.

    Take the 2006 Anna tornadoes, which devastated the town and killed several people.

    Thankfully these events are rare, and there are protocols and safety routes in place in the event another F3 touches down.

    7. Highland Park

    Okay, so Dallas is a booming city with a low crime rate. We already know that the suburbs are some of the safest places in America.

    But take a look at this.

    Right in the heart of Dallas is a community called Highland Park which is one of the safest cities in Texas. Sure, it's technically Dallas, but Highland Park retains its own municipal council, so we've counted it as a separate city.

    With a crime rate of only 0.43 per 1,000, it's impressive that this region in the heart of a colossal city enjoys such a low crime rate.

    ​What's great about Highland Park is that it's filled with, well, parks. There's a meandering river, gardens, trees, bicycle and walking trails, and plenty of baseball diamonds and football fields. For a family living in Dallas, you can't get better than Highland Park.

    8. Keller

    What is it about Dallas-Fort Worth and low-crime?

    Keller is another suburb sandwiched between the two metro areas that enjoys low housing prices, high employment, and low crime rates. It's definitely one of the safest cities in Texas.

    Last year it reported 2 violent crimes and 156 property crimes, giving it a crime rate of just 0.52 per 1,000.


    9. Del Rio

    But what if you don't want to live near Dallas?

    What if you prefer a truer Texan lifestyle, living along the Rio Grande and the Mexican border? Well, Del Rio might be the place for you.

    This city of 35,000 enjoys a violent crime rate of just 0.7 per 1,000 and only 19 property crimes per 1,000 people. That's still way below the national average.

    The median household income in Del Rio is only $48,000, also below the national average, so what gives? They're not very rich, yet they have a low crime rate. Whatever they're doing is working for them and maybe it will for you, too!

    10. Santa Fe

    Finally, the tenth of the safest cities in Texas is world-famous Santa Fe. We're taking, of course, about Santa Fe, Texas and not Santa Fe, New Mexico.

    In case you didn't know, Santa Fe is a suburb of Houston, and thanks to its location near the Gulf of Mexico, it can get fairly muggy. But that doesn't change the fact that it has a low crime rate.

    There were 0.9 crimes per 1,000 people in 2018. With a population of just over 13,000, that translates to roughly 13 or 14 violent crimes and about 60 or so property crimes. That seems like a lot compared to other cities on our list, but it's still so far below the national average that it's one of the safest cities in Texas. Heck, it even has a lower crime rate than Canada!

    So if you need to locate to Houston, you'll want to check out Santa Fe.

    Some Final Thoughts

    What makes the safest cities in Texas so special?

    Well first off, they're in Texas. There's something special about the Lone Star state that you can feel as soon as you step out onto the street. There's also Texas barbecue, but you'll find that in the dangerous cities in Texas, too.

    But here's what really makes the safest cities in Texas different from the rest of the country: It's the combination of beautiful neighborhoods, friendly people, good jobs with high salaries, and low home prices. In fact, there's nowhere better to raise a family. These cities are safe and affordable.

    So the next time you're planning a trip to Texas, check out anything near Dallas, or head down to the Rio Grande and visit Del Rio. And if you MUST venture near humid Houston, Santa Fe is waiting for you!

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    ​Featured Image Source: Pixabay.com