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Are you thinking about moving to the land of Disney World and alligators, but you have no idea what city to move to? Finding the safest cities in Florida is absolutely essential before you make your move.

Sure, you could attempt to put Spencer the alligator on a leash to guard your house, but you'd probably lose an arm and that would be no fun. Instead of risking it all on that terrible idea, it's better to just listen to the advice of experts.

As someone who lives in Florida, I have a pretty good idea of which cities are safe for you and your family. But, before I get to that, what else does the Sunshine State have to offer?

The Sunshine State

You may have heard of Florida referred to as the "Sunshine State," this state has many qualities other than year-round sunshine (well except for our insane rainy season).

Florida is home to a magnificent ocean, beautiful Gulf, extravagant vacationing, and vast expanses of vivid nature preserves. Being a peninsula, it is almost completely surrounded by water teeming with exotic sea life of every color.

Florida is the only other state in the United States besides Hawaii that boasts a tropical climate. The favorable climate makes Florida perfect for all sorts of special interests.

Leisurely beach trips or other activities such as kayaking, nature walks, and other sports are ideal for Florida's perfect conditions.

You can visit various famous theme parks, zoos, aquariums, and attractions in Florida. There are endless choices for thrill seekers, adventurers, and Disney fans.

Florida is home to Disney World, Universal Studios, Busch Gardens, Epcot, Legoland, Adventure Island, and many more theme parks.

If theme parks aren't for you, there are many other fun attractions in Florida.

Museums, important historical locations, vibrant nature preserves, and panoramic coastlines are perfect for a more relaxed setting.

When the sun goes down the night comes to life. With five star restaurants, busy bars, active clubs, and lounges there is never a shortage of things to do on the weekend. Go out for a drink, grab a bite to eat, and dance the night away.

Florida has something unique to offer for everyone. Quiet villages, bustling cities, and tropical islands throughout this state ensure there is a niche here for you too.

While visiting this beautiful state, you want to ensure you and your family are safe. While some cities are safer than others, each city has something different to offer.

Don't worry, we crunched the numbers and did all the footwork for you.

How safe is the Sunshine State?

Florida ranks 31 on the list of safest states in America.

There are many variables to consider when analyzing crime statistics. Violent crime, property crime, and population must all be considered. One must also take into account what kind of police to civilian ratio a city has.

To elaborate, violent crime is considered any crime with the use of force. This includes crimes such as manslaughter, rape, aggravated assault, and armed robbery.

Property crime is offenses such as arson, theft, larceny, and vehicle theft. Property crimes can be anything from theft to property damages, no force is used during these offenses.

To identify the safest cities in Florida we analyzed the most recent FBI crime report statistics, they factored a total of 7,639 cities into the study.

To compile the safest cities in Florida data they did not factor in any city that did not submit a complete crime report, or have a large enough population to relate to the statistics accurately.

In this study 8,793 law enforcement agencies that represent over 193 million Florida citizens contribute data. Calculating the total number of crimes by factoring in each cities violent crime rate and property crime rate, they take into account each cities population.

As a result, the FBI creates a crime rate statistic on how many crimes were taking place per 1,000 people. Furthermore, they also considered the number of police on the force per crimes taking place.

Finally, using all the information from the FBI crime report statistics, we compiled a list of the safest cities in Florida.

The Top Ten Safest Cities In Florida

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This list ranks one to ten with one being the safest and ten being the least safe.

1. Satellite Beach

First up on our list is Satellite Beach. With a population of 11,056 people, this community is the 204th largest in Florida. The city is a barrier island and a coastal city where tropical and temperate climate zones intermix.

A city of professionals, managers and office workers, this city has a family-friendly atmosphere. Offering great schools, low crime rates, and supportive neighbors this city would be a great place to start a family.

Each year endangered species like turtles, whales, and manatees visit this city to raise their offspring. Satellite Beach is a natural nursery bursting with life. It's sheltered waters are home to many species of young marine life, birds, and mammals.

Satellite beach is the number one safest city in Florida at a crime rate of 0.009 per 1,000. Above all, there are only 102 total crime reports, and 94 of those crimes were property related.

2. Key Biscayne

Second, on our list is Key Biscayne. The city has a population of over 13,000, and it is located on another barrier island across the way from Miami. Key Biscayne sits in the middle of two nature parks, Crandon Park and Cape Florida State Park. The island is lush with sheltered beaches that are rooted with tropical forests teeming with wildlife.

Exotic birds and endangered species of turtles inhabit the mangrove forests native to Key Biscayne. There are a total of 155 total crimes reported, only two of the crimes reported were violent.

Interestingly, this city has a large population of artists. There are more in this city than 90 percent of other communities in the United States, all inhabiting Biscayne. The artists in this community help shape the character of this city into what it is today.

The crime rate per 1,000 people is 0.012, and the majority of crimes in total were property related, making Key Biscayne the number two safest city in Florida.

3. Marco Island

Third, on our list is a brief ride from the Everglades. Marco Island is a medium-sized coastal city. Currently, It is the only Island that belongs to Florida's Ten Thousand Islands that is developing.

With a population of nearly 18,000, this community is the 148th largest in Florida. Overachieving the national average, Nearly 92 percent of this community works white-collar jobs.

Over 16 percent of this island's population works from home. Seemingly a small number, 16 percent is a large percentage compared to the rest of the nation.

Marco Island is home to a tropical climate, Nature preserves, pristine beaches, and luxury resorts. There is much to do on this island like primitive camping, boat tours, and nature walks.

Marco Island made it to our list of safest cities in Florida, with a grand total of 133 crimes reported. Eleven of the reported crimes were violent, while 122 property crimes were reported. The total crime rate per 1,000 people is very low at 0.007.

4. Naples

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Fourth on our list is flanked by miles of pure sugary white sand. Naples is known for its high-end shopping and it's luxury golf courses. Having a population of 21,948, this city is the 130th largest in Florida. This city is one of the wealthiest cities in the United States.

This region is home to beautiful preserves and parks. The Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary is so vast is spans 11,000 acres, and has a boardwalk that winds through the park. Naples also has it's very own zoo that residents can enjoy year round.

Naples makes our number four slot on our list of the safest cities in Florida with a total crime number of four hundred and twelve. Of the 412 crime reports, 389 of the reports are relating to property. Overall, per 1,000 residents there is a crime rate of 0.019.

5. North Palm Beach

Located on the sunny east coast, North Palm Beach is a beautiful coastal city in Palm Beach County, Florida. With a population of over 13,000 people, this community is the 183rd largest in the state of Florida.

North Palm Beach claims it has much to offer and is the perfect village to live, raise a family, or to retire. With the parks and amenities available, you will have plenty of places to take your kids on the weekends.

Waterfront neighborhoods surrounded by the intercoastal waterway are picturesque, and a gorgeous place to live. There is plenty to do in North Palm Beach like boat tours, and visiting the neighboring islands.

North Palm Beach is safer than 57 percent of most U.S. cities, securing its spot on our list with a crime report total of 153. Once again property crimes make up for the larger portion, at 136 reports. Using the population ratio, there is a crime rate of 0.012 per 1,000 people.

6. Weston

In Broward County, there is a master planned community that borders on the edge of the Everglades. Weston is only a brief car ride to Florida's famous beaches.

Weston boasts well-planned communities and extensive landscaping that is truly captivating. The city of Weston believes you too will fall in love with this picturesque scenery. You just might, with the gorgeous flowing waterways and 50 miles of bike lanes to explore.

Weston is a large city with a population of nearly seventy-one thousand people. This city is the 38th largest community of people in Florida and the largest on our list.

Certainly, you would think a large concentration of people in one city would contribute to a higher crime spree, but Weston's crime rate stays surprisingly low.

Weston has a rate of 0.61 crime reports per 1,000 people, which is lower than 79 percent of America's communities. With 519 property crime reports and 43 violent crime reports, Weston makes it on our list of safest cities in Florida.

7. Sweetwater

Sweetwater resides in Miami-Dade County and is also known as "Little Managua." This Florida city is rich in Hispanic culture and over 95 percent of its population is of Hispanic descent.

The most common spoken language in this city is Spanish. However, English and some other Asian languages are also prominent here.

This city proudly boasts having a full-service police department, and fire station. Finally having a population large enough to manage all their amenities, other businesses are blooming.

With a population of 21,028 people, this city has a total number of 608 crime reports.

Of the 608 crimes reported, 570 are property crimes, and 38 were violent. The crimes per 1,000 people are 1.81, putting Sweetwater on our list of safest cities in Florida.

8. Lake Mary

Lake Mary is a small city with a population of 16,474 people. Landing on the list of safest cities in Florida, it is known to have some of the most expensive real estate in the country.

The expense of real estate in this city is probably due to the fact that over 50 percent of this city's employed workforce graduated with 4-year college degrees.

Correlating with much of the population graduated college, over ninety-one percent of Lake Mary works a job in math or computers.

Another unique quality of this city is the number of people that work from home. At a little over 18 percent, this may not seem like a large number of people. Compared to the rest of the United States, eighteen percent is above average.

Despite its luxury lifestyle, Lake Mary has a low 308 crimes each year. That's less than one crime a day with a population of 16,474 residents.

Property crimes are responsible for 79 percent of the annual crime reports in Lake Mary. The remaining percentage is attributed to violent crime reports.

The yearly rate of violent crimes in this exclusive city of Lake Mary is 3.22 crime reports per 1,000 people.

9. Punta Gorda

A historic medium-sized coastal city, you can locate Punta Gorda in Charlotte County, Florida. With waterfront parks such as Laishley Park, Ponce De Leon Park, and Gilchrist Park, there is plenty to do in Punta Gorda.

Punta Gorda has it's own not for profit environmental center that offers educational programs. Punta Gorda also features The Peace River Wildlife Center. There you can visit and learn about animal rescue and rehabilitation. The wildlife center also holds education and awareness seminars.

This city has a crime index of 52, meaning it is 52 percent safer than most U.S. cities. With a population of 19,761 people, there is a total of 262 crime reports.

Of the reports filed, 16 of the crimes were violent, and 246 of crime reports involved properties. With these numbers, Punta Gorda has a crime rate of 0.81 per 1,000 people.

10. St. Cloud

St. Cloud, on our list of Safest Cities in Florida, is 52 percent safer than most U.S. cities. With a population of 51,282, St. Cloud ranks 84th in Florida's largest communities.

St Cloud is very culturally diverse. Anyone from anywhere can come to St. Cloud and settle down with peace of mind. English is the most prominent language spoken in St. Cloud, but Spanish and other European languages are also important.

St. Cloud averages 678 crime reports each year. Most of St. Cloud's crime reports, like most cities, are those involving property crimes. The crime rate in, St. Cloud is 1.68 for every 1,000 people.

FBI crime rate data reports show that there is less than two percent chance of being a victim of crime in St Cloud. That's a one in seventy-six chance, in contrast, lower than 80 percent of Florida's communities.

Are You Ready To Visit One Of The Safest Cities In Florida?

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There are plenty of cities to move to in Florida if you are looking for a safe place to live. I know, our Florida Man headlines do seem a bit nuts, but it isn't actually like that here.

No matter what city you choose to visit, the crime stats on our list of safest cities in Florida are all relatively low. I live in Florida, and I have my whole life.

Although I have never lived in any of the cities on our list of safest cities in Florida, I, myself, have never been a victim of a crime.

Remember, there are plenty of ways you can reduce the risk of being a victim of crime. Some crimes can be prevented by taking simple safety measures.

Simply locking your windows and doors at night can prevent someone from entering your home uninvited. Never leave valuable items in your car, or in plain sight. Just common sense safety tips.

At the end of the day, each city in Florida has something unique to offer you. Therefore, next time you have a vacation, holiday, or you want to move, consider Florida for your travels.

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