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SimpliSafe Wireless Home Security Command Bravo
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Protecting our homes is one of our top priorities, and you have probably heard that Simplisafe Security Systems do just that. Of course, you aren't just going to run out and buy the first security system you hear about, so a Simplisafe review is precisely what you need.

Security systems like Simplisafe are one of the best things to buy if you would like to sleep soundly at night. Personally, I always make sure that my security system is working. However, times have changed and the system you bought 10 years ago, probably isn't as good as one you can buy today.

Let's dive into our Simplisafe review to see if Simplisafe is the company for you.

SimpliSafe Review: What Is a SimpliSafe Security System?

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Have you ever worried that someone may burglarize your home while you're away? Well, having a SimpliSafe security system can ease that worry.

The SimpliSafe security system is a new state of the art form of home protection. There are many different bundles to choose from, but all of them protect your home to a whole new level. The SimpliSafe security system is wireless and only requires wifi to work. SimpliSafe has been in business for ten years and covers over two million customers.

A SimpliSafe security system is tough to crack. For example, you could try to smash it or even cut the main line, and the system would still report to the central monitoring center to call the police for help.

Additionally, you can have a SimpliCam that will show you the activity in your home 24 hours a day. While sleeping, you can rest easy knowing that the house is under surveillance with SimpliSafe security team. In the event that a burglary does happen, SimpliSafe will contact the police and send help.

SimpliSafe review: additional features

Our Simplisafe review found that SimpliSafe has a new signal burst technology, which keeps you from having to change batteries so often. You can control your security system from anywhere you go.

This security system is a DIY, you install your system without using any tools, and you are protected the same day. There's also a panic button that you can put anywhere. We suggest putting it next to your bed in case of a medical issue or fire.

SimpliSafe sends you alerts when doors or windows are left open. The system gives you precision detection so that you can tell if a sound is a window breaking or just one of your clumsy kids dropping a glass.

The system is even able to warn you if your pipes are in danger of bursting because they are getting too cold. That's great because it could save you thousands of dollars in water damage.

Guess what else?

SimpliSafe has new indoor cameras. They have a steel shutter that stays closed while you are in the home mode. It has an option to record anytime, or you can customize it.

Have you wanted one of those doorbell cameras for awhile? Well, SimpliSafe has a new two-way, and motion detection video doorbell.

SimpliSafe Review: Types of SimpliSafe Security Systems

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As we said, there are many SimpliSafe security system options, but it would take too much time to review them all. Instead, we have listed three below.


 SimpliSafe Wireless Home Security Command Alpha
  • Wireless "Do it yourself" home security system
  • Monitoring stations are ul-certified with a built in cellular connection
  • Unbeatable 24/7 security for just $14.99 each month
  • 5-piece Bundle
  • Frustration-free packaging 
  • Do you have an apartment or a small home? Not a problem, this is the bundle for you. It includes one base station, one keypad, one entry sensor, one motion sensor, and a master key chain remote. The Alpha package is one of their older products, but it is still available.

    It comes in white color with grey, blue, and red buttons.

    There are many customers on Amazon that were pleased with this package's price and happy with the battery back up. But there are a few customers who stated the company has awful customer service.

    The Haven

    Do you want a little more to be included? This package has a base station, one keypad, one key fob, four entry sensors, two motion sensor, one smoke detector, one water sensor, one freeze sensor, one panic button, and a 105db siren.

    Some of Amazon stated it was not a good system, due to third party sharing of information. One customer stated their animals kept setting off the motion sensors. Others, however, stated it was an amazing system, that was very affordable and very easy to install.

    The Knox

    Now, if you have a large home, this package is for you. You will get one base station, one key fob, one keypad, six entry sensors, two motion sensors, one smoke detector, and a 105db siren. On all packages, the keypad can be located anywhere, due to it being wireless.

    The customer's reviews for this package are very different from the other reviews. Almost all the customers that bought this package were happy with the alarm recording data and will not go anywhere else for now on. A few others are upset with the double stick tape on the product. They also complained that the keypad doesn't tell you which window or door is setting off the alarm. That can be a huge issue if you're trying to leave your home and don't know which window or door is causing the issue.

    SimpliSafe Review: Price Ranges

    I don't know about you, but I like to keep a budget when buying products.

    SimpliSafe has a wide range of prices, going from buying just la carte or buying large packages.

    The great thing about SimpliSafe is there are no contracts. 

    SimpliSafe Review: How to Install

    The SimpliSafe security system is so easy to install anyone could do it. No tools are required to help you install your system.

    First, you place the base station in a central location in your house. Do not place the base station on the floor. The base station needs to be plugged into a power outlet using the power cord that was included in the package.

    Second, you install your keypad on any wall that you choose and place with the adhesive tape that's already included on the keypad. It is recommended to be placed by your front door, but not required. Next, follow the onscreen instructions for setting up your PIN.

    You will then go around your home placing the sensors and then the fire detector. The fire detector does require a screwdriver, but all the other products do not require tools.

    Lastly, you will next up any extras items that you purchased, such as cameras or water sensors.

    How We Reviewed

    We did a SimpliSafe review by comparing it to other security systems. We also checked out customers reviews to see how customers like the features, installation, and affordability.

    SimpliSafe Review: How Other Security Systems Compare

    When buying a home security system, you want to buy the best without emptying your wallet. Just because its expensive doesn't mean its better than the cheaper brand. We have given you a few other options to look at below.

    Please take a moment and glance at some other options.


    LifeShield, an ADT Company - 14-Piece Easy, DIY Smart Home Security System
    • Help Protect Your Home & Family: When you arm your LifeShield System, you’ll be notified when motion is detected, a door or window is opened, or your fire alarm has gone off. *24/7 professional monitoring for emergency services is optional.
    • Easy to Set Up Sensors & Smart Camera: 2 pet-friendly Motion Sensors, 4 Door/Window Sensors, and a Fire Safety Sensor that works with your existing fire/CO alarms. The Indoor Smart Camera has motion detection, live video, & video recording.

    The LifeSheild home security system is monitored with the ADT company. The LifeSheild security system also has many packages to offer at an affordable price.

    The LifeShield Home Security Advantage Kit includes a base station, touchpad, keypad, two motion sensors, four entry sensors, fire safety sensor, key chain remote, and an indoor camera. 

    The company gives you a 30-day money back guarantee. 

    LifeSheild also doesn't require tools to install, and it uses wifi. The LifeSheild base is also smashproof, and they provide four layers of protection.

    Amazon customer's had great reviews, they loved the screen size on the keypad and was happy they could choose self-monitoring instead of a call center but wasn't happy with the power plug sticking straight out.


    Ring Alarm 8 Piece Kit - Home Security System
  • Ring Alarm puts whole-home security at your fingertips. Get alerts on your smart phone when doors or windows open or motion is detected.
  • Optional 24/7 professional monitoring is just $10/month. No long-term contracts or cancellation fees.
  • Manage Ring Alarm and other Ring products—including Ring Doorbell—with the Ring app.
  • Customize Ring Alarm for your needs. Add components at any time for whole home protection.
  • Ring works with Alexa and has Shaq's security kits. The package we picked out has a base station, three contact sensors, two motion detectors, keypad, and a range extender. 

    Ring home security system doesn't require tools for installation. Ring, if the robbers smash the base, it will send a call out to the monitoring center and get the police to come to your home.

    They didn't like the exit feature, stating it's too loud and goes off too many times, but was happy the keypad could control his thermostat.


     LarmTek Smart Wi-Fi Alarm System
  • With home alarm system, Wi-Fi function, motion sensor, wireless IP camera and remote smart phone control ( support IOS&Android app)
  • Wireless home security system,It's easy for DIY installation without any other fees
  • The LarmTek App supports optional IP camera for online viewing
  • Home security alarm system built-in battery can support the system working more than 8 hours. Built-in 1dB Siren scare away any potential intruder 
  • The LarmTek security system package includes one host unit, two remote controllers, one wireless PIR detector, two wireless doors and window contact sensor, one RF keypad, one 5V 2A power adapter for host unit, one 5V 1A power adapter for RF keypad, one-meter ethernet cable, and two screws bags. Tools are required for installation.

    Customers love the fact that is no contract or monthly fees but one customer stated you have to have your phone at all times in case the alarm goes off you have to call the police yourself.

    LarmTek is wireless, and this system has a siren when it goes off. There is a LarmTek application for your phone, and it does not contact the police unless you request it.

    SimpliSafe Review: Is it the Best Security System for You

    Overall, SimpliSafe has a fantastic security system with all their new high-tech gadgets. They have made many improvements from their first home security systems.

    The fact that you do not have to change batteries very often and there aren't any tools required for installation makes it a great option.

    SimpliSafe is upgrading to make their products better and more hi-tech. The only issue with that is they are not compatible with the older versions, and you must buy all brand new every time.

    So, if you're like me and don't want all those enormous holes in your walls and don't want the hassle of having to wait on a technician to install all the products throughout your home, then SimpliSafe is the security systems for you.


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