Xfinity Home Security Review: Is The Xfinity System Really Worth It?

Xfinity Home Security Review [2019]

Convenience and security: Are these two concepts compatible? This Xfinity Home security review is here to answer that very question.

When I found myself in the market for a home security system a few years ago, I was surprised to discover that Xfinity now provided home security through the Xfinity Home service.

The concept intrigued me. As a busy and frugal person, the idea of having one bill covering a variety of services, including my home security, was appealing.

Yet as a skeptic, I wondered how well a telecommunications company could handle home security. To get a good feel for Xfinity Home security, reviewing all of its features, the price, and what competitors offer is key.

Xfinity Home Security Review: What Is It?

Before we can get into the Xfinity Home security review, we need to look at Xfinity.

What is Xfinity? Wasn't it Comcast? When did they start offering home security, anyway?

Xfinity or Comcast? What's in a name?

Xfinity Home security review: What makes up this service?

Xfinity Home security review: Equipment


Customer Reviews

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In general, Xfinity Home gets favorable reviews online.


CNet reviewer Joshua Goldman gave the service an 8.5 out of 10-star rating in July 2017.

Overall, as an existing Xfinity customer, Goldman found Xfinity Home to be a great value. He liked that it was easy to navigate and that it combined home security with support for existing smart home devices.

However, this review came out before Xfinity released more robust home automation services in 2018.

Notably, Goldman had another security system in place. “What Xfinity Home showed me, however, was how smart home devices make much more sense when fully integrated” with the rest of a home security system.

US News

US News reviewer Brad Berman gave the service a 3.4 out of 5-star rating in February 2019. Berman gave Xfinity Home a thumbs up for its convenience, especially when bundled with other Xfinity services.

However, Berman also pointed out that Xfinity’s prices are subject to promotional offers. Another sticking point that he noted was Xfinity’s lack of a video doorbell as of February 2019.

Trevor Wheelwright from did an Xfinity Home security review in February 2018.

Overall, he gave it a 3 out of 5-star rating. As with other reviewers, Wheelwright found Xfinity Home to be a good value when bundled with other Xfinity features.

Another plus that Wheelwright noted was being able to control Xfinity Home using voice commands with the Xfinity X1 voice-controlled remote.

In their video review, gave Xfinity Home an overall positive review, noting that it was a good security system at a good cost.

However, the video reviewer did note that while bundling everything together is convenient, this makes it more difficult to leave the company if it ever became necessary.


Xfinity Home security costs between $$ and $$ per month with a 24-month contract for the standard service. There is a one-time installation fee

However, extra taxes and fees do apply for additional services, such as recorded video. Equipment like cameras and extra sensors are one-time purchases. Add-on equipment prices range from $$ to $$$.

Xfinity Home is available as a standalone service as well as bundled with other Xfinity services.

Here are some of the great things about Xfinity home security.


  • Xfinity Home is designed to integrate smoothly into the Xfinity ecosystem, making it very convenient
  • You can do things like check cameras and alerts directly from your television.
  • You can even use your voice commands on your remote control to bring up the camera!
  • The Xfinity home security system integrates with major brand smart home products including Philips Hue and GE smart lighting. as well as Kwikset door locks.


  • The company is also notorious for installation fees, especially if you order services separately.
  • Additional sensors, smoke detectors, outlet controllers, and cameras will cost an extra, one-time fee. You must buy your equipment from Xfinity to work with Xfinity Home.
  • Additionally, if you want your security cameras to record video, you will be subject to additional fees. This fee ranges between $8 and $12, per month, per camera.

Might Not Work With Xfinity

Before investing in Xfinity home security, review that it works with your current devices. Also be aware that while the system may support a brand, it may not support all products from that brand.

Take, for example, the Nest line of smart home products. While Xfinity Home does support the Nest learning thermostat, it does not support any of its other products, like cameras, doorbells, and locks.

Can I Speak To Your Manager?

Keep in mind that if you have any problems with your Xfinity home security services, you’ll be talking to your cable company.

Of course, it seems like no one likes their cable company. Cable companies consistently have some of the lowest customer service ratings.

Comcast is no exception, scoring an abysmal 52 points out of a possible 100 in the 2018 American Consumer Satisfaction Index.

Xfinity Home Security Review: How Does It Compare?

To get the best comparison possible, this Xfinity Home security review has to compare other, well-known home security solutions.

After all, while Xfinity Home may be Xfinity’s foray into home security, it is not the only one out there.

How does it fare compared to other services? Let’s find out.

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How We Reviewed

To compare Xfinity Home to other home security systems, we first looked at comparable services.

In particular, these services had to have 24-hour professional monitoring and smart home integration options.

From there, we compared various features and pricing. Finally, we also looked at what reviewers had to say about each service.


Vivint is a company that offers home security with smart home integration services. Aside from basic window/door and motion security, their offerings include video monitoring and remote garage control, as well as fire detection.

Vivint smart home features include automation, remote access, and interfaces with many popular smart home products.


These services are packaged as Home Security, Video Security, Smart Home, and Smart Complete package bundles.

Package prices range from $$ to $$$, depending on the package, payable up front or spread out monthly.

The package prices do not include the additional installation charge which starts at $$.

Additionally, Vivint requires a monthly fee, ranging from $$ to $$ per month. All Vivint packages have a contract term of at least four years.


Vivint gets favorable reviews online.

The company has an aggregate rating of 4 stars on Consumer Affairs, with 2,959 total reviews. Positive reviews say the service is “amazing” as well as easy to use. Reviewers tend to like the features Vivint provides.

However, critical reviews allege that their Vivint systems have too many false alarms. Additionally, these reviewers tend to be unhappy with the customer service.

Digital Trends reviewer Caleb Denison gave the Vivint Smart Home Security System a 4 out of 5-star rating. Denison likes Vivint’s system, saying that it is easy to use and feature-rich. He also says that it is easy to customize and has excellent customer service.

However, Denison also points out that Vivint has a prohibitively costly initial investment price.


Brinks Home Security is a home security company, based in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas. The Brinks Home Security company offers three types of security and home automation packages.

These systems include the "Nest Secure," "Home Complete," and "Home Complete with Video." Customers first choose a basic package and then can customize with extra add-on components, if necessary.

All of Brinks systems feature 24-hour monitoring with cellular backup, home automation, and smartphone control.


Brinks Home Security packages start at $$ and range up to $$ for the equipment. Customers can choose to pay the system price up front or spread out the payments monthly.

Monitoring service is paid monthly and ranges from $$ to $$ per month. All Brinks monitoring is bound by a 36-month contract.


Brinks gets a 2.7 out of 5-star rating on Consumer Affairs. Positive reviews like Brinks’ customer service and the ease of use. Many reviews also appreciated the straight-forward pricing model.

However, many of the one-star reviews complain that Brinks makes it difficult to cancel services. The majority of one-star reviews center mostly around the inability to cancel and contract issues but do not mention the service itself. writer Catherine McNally gave the company a 3 out of 5-star review on the website. Overall, McNally found the Brinks packages and equipment to be good and serviceable.

McNally points out that while the security system uses wireless and cellular as a backup, the camera system only uses wireless. That creates a potential problem if your wireless connection ever goes down.

In summary, however, McNally found Brinks to be a good middle-of-the-road option. Notably, Brinks has good system integration with smart home devices like Amazon Alexa and Google Home.


SimpliSafe is a DIY home security system for the smart home age. All systems have a built-in cellular and power failure backup.

SimpliSafe integrates with popular smart home automation systems like Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

You can choose from several different preset configurations, or you can customize your own. The two starting components are the base station and wireless keypad. From there, customers can create their system from an array of different sensors.

Burglary sensors include entry, motion, and glass break sensors. Hazard sensors check for smoke, temperature, and water. The Simplicam is a high-definition camera that streams live video.


SimpliSafe has upfront equipment pricing on the website.

Preconfigured packages that include the base, wireless keypad, and standard components start at $$$ and range up to $$$. Customers can also choose to build their system, starting at $$$ for the base station and wireless keypad.

Professional monitoring is an additional monthly fee, starting at $$ for basic monitoring. The enhanced monitoring, with video, ranges between $$ and $$ per month.

SimpliSafe does not require any contracts. Customers can cancel or resume at any time.


SimpliSafe gets very positive reviews online.

PC Magazine gives the SimpliSafe system a 4 out of 5-star rating. Editor Wendy Donnell found that SimpliSafe is a great, customizable system that is easy to use and affordable.

The only real downside she saw with the SimpliSafe system is that the camera is usable only indoors with just 720p resolution.

CNet gave SimpliSafe a 4.3 out of 5-star rating, granting it the Editors Choice award in March 2018. It ranked high in features and usability, as well as in design and performance.

CNet reviewer Ry Crist found that SimpliSafe was a great, affordable option. They also found it easy to use and easy to set up.

However, Crist disliked the camera, finding it subpar and noting that it is the only camera you can use with the system.

On a related note, though the SimpliSafe does integrate with home automation platforms, its automation features are still in development.

Xfinity Home Security Review: Is This Your next Security System?

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Overall, our Xfinity Home security review shows that it is an excellent overall home security system.

It has comparable features to other home security offerings, with around-the-clock professional monitoring and cellular backup.

The system is especially useful if you have other Xfinity services with compatible products. With the right services and compatible equipment, our Xfinity Home security review shows that this service will integrate almost seamlessly into your daily life.

However, if you are looking for a more robust home security system, you may be better off looking at more dedicated home security providers.

Also, the compatible brands and products for Xfinity Home are still quite limited. Before you look at investing in Xfinity Home security, review your current smart home devices to ensure that they are compatible

If you have Xfinity services with compatible smart home devices, Xfinity Home is well worth the additional investment to keep your home secure.

Do you have personal experience with this security system? Did we miss anything in our Xfinity Home Security review that you think prospective customers should know? Share your thoughts in the comments.


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